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Giant Schnauzer Canada - how it happened. It all happened on a sunny afternoon in June, l977. A handful of Giant Schnauzer fanciers gathered together this day on Susan Ailsby's front lawn in Regina, Saskatchewan. The objective was to form a Giant Schnauzer club. The fancier's goals were to maintain and promote the breed, to assist new giant owners, to contact other giant owners in Canada, and to host a national speicalty.

Susan Ailsby took the lead with Mary Glenister, Jim and Nola Keay planned strategies on what we would have to accomplish to meet this goal. Susan Ailsby was named President, Mary Glenister as Treasurer and Nola Keay as Secretary.

First we would need money. So, fund raising projects were discussed which were raffles, bake sales, conformation seminars, breed boosters (May 1978), all breed sanction match and obedience trials were carried out. Later, a bi-monthly club newsletter for $3.00 a year. Many of these events were to fulfill CKC requirements for the club to host a breed specialty show. These members went on to develop a constitution, code of ethics, breed standard (approved by CKC November l5, 1978). Giant schnauzer Canada was founded March 1978. In January, 1978, an all Giant Schnauzer team was formed for 'scent and hurdle' racing.

The first Giant Schnauzer National Specialty was May 26, l979 won by Canadian American Ch. Dragonair Babellot of Keay.