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A typical Giant Schnauzer must have the characteristic appearance described in the breed standard, as well as the energy and stamina for useful work. It must have a reliable disposition so important in being a family dog or companion. The Giant owner truly concerned for the future of the breed will adhere to the following:

  • In breeding my bitches or offering my dogs at stud, I will try always to conserve and improve both the physical and temperament qualities of the breed; putting its welfare before any consideration of profit or personal advantage.
  • I will not use for breeding, advertise or sell a Giant that is shy, vicious, nervous, or an unreliable disposition. If I must dispose of such an animal; I will put it down humanely.
  • I will not use, advertise, sell or make available for breeding, any Giant having any serious defect known to be inherited, or any fault under the breed standard.
  • Congenital Hip Dysplasia (HD) is a serious problem in large breeds. I will cooperate with the following policies set by the GSC club:


  1. Having all Giants x-rayed for HD, and diagnosis made by a qualified institution, before they are used for breeding. Qualified institutions will be listed.
  2. Breeding only dogs and bitches which have been certified clear of HD.
  3. Giants imported should be x-rayed and certified clear, if over 18 months and puppies’ sire and dam checked for x-rays and HD diagnosis.


The purpose of CKC registration is to provide accurate pedigrees to buyers and breeders, seeking particular characteristics typical of Giant family lines. Breeders and others who are dedicated to breeding better Giants should register all puppies produced with the CKC, under prefix or suffix, that will identify them with future pedigrees to anyone seeking individuals or information of a particular family line.

  • I, as a breeder, will register individually every living puppy in each litter and provide a CKC individual registration, and in the name of the new ownership, as soon as possible. If a Giant is sold on a Non-Breeding Agreement, the registration will read as such.
  • I will urge all purchasers of Giants, which are definitely not quality for breeding or show, to have them neutered.
  • For every Giant sold, I will provide a correct pedigree of at least 3 generations and a record of immunizations.
  • I will make every effort to be sure that puppies go to responsible Giant owners.
  • I will never sell or dispose of Giant Schnauzer puppies or adults through pet shops, commercial dealers or wholesalers.
  • In advertising Giants, I will be truthful and informative. To advertise or guarantee “show prospect” puppies, I will, upon inquiry, make clear what this means and the extent of my responsibility, as to replacement or reimbursement; if the pup does not develop according to expectations.
  • In offering a “proven” dog at stud, I will guarantee his services.
  • I will encourage new Giant owners to participate in basic obedience classes.
  • When exhibiting Giant Schnauzers in breed, or obedience, or any dog oriented activity, I will keep in mind that the purpose is to exhibit the animal in best condition and improve the breed by objective evaluation of the dogs in competition. I will, therefore, observe the standards of courtesy and sportsmanship necessary for the sport.


THE EARLY YEARS 1934 – 1968

The first Giants to be registered with the Canadian Kennel Cub arrived in Canada in 1934. They were bred in Kansas, United States, and imported by Mrs. Fletcher of Vancouver, British Columbia.

There were no registrations from the years 1939 to 1947. Then in 1948, two giants were imported. They were bred in California, and imported to Kamloops, British Columbia.

Again, there were no registrations for a long while, from 1949 to 1960. Then in 1961, another pair was imported. This time they came from England to Calgary, Alberta. This pair began a number of litter registrations in the years 1962 and 1963. So far, no dogs were confirmed the title of Champion.

In 1965, the Canadian Kennel Club had its first Champion of Record. It was Can. Am. Ch. Tueblu’s Rhine Frost Giantress, owned by Robert Barker of Michigan. He was one of the founders of the Giant Schnauzer Club of America formed in 1962, and he held the president’s office until 1968.

One Giant was registered in 1967. It was imported by Charles Blascsok of Weston, Ontario. There were none registered in 1968. The Canadian Kennel Club did not publish a Stud Book after 1968.

© Olga Gagne
The Giant Schnauzer – A Canadian Source Book, 1986.